Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) founded in the year 1900 by Andrew Carnegie. He was an industrialist and philanthropist by occupation. He also established a steel company along with different educational institutions, CMU is one of them. At the time of established CMU was known as Carnegie Technical Schools. In 1912 it became Carnegie Institute of Technology and started offering four-year degrees. Carnegie Institute of Technology and Mellon Institute of Industrial Research got merged in the year 1967, that’s how Carnegie Mellon University came into existence.

Georgia Institute of Technology

This University has got a privilege to introduce the world with some unique discoveries. The Java language which is very popular among programmers and techies born in this university. The founder of the Java language was the Alumni of this college. James Gosling is the founder of Java language which firstly appeared in the year 1995. One more world-changing research done by an alumnus of this college Stephanie Kwolek. She founded kevlar Fiber which is used for the bulletproof jacket for the army and police individuals. This material is also used for types and many more thing. The invention of this fiber has changed the world and has saved millions of lives of the army and other security forces.

Carnegie Mellon University of Technology

It is another heaven for the students of engineering. You can get good help & support with the faculty for any innovative idea coming through your mind. The Carnegie Mellon University of Technology offers different branches that you can opt as the interest and other criteria.  You will have the options like Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical / Electronic / Communications Engineering, Environmental / Environmental Health Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

There are about ten majors to choose from. Again a good option for Engineering aspirants to get into this college. All majors are co-related to each other, and every major student will get a chance to gain knowledge about the other majors. All students will have to follow a conjunction program made by the institute. Engineering students have all the options like graduations, Masters, and Research. All departments offer Ph.D. programs so you can go for the research or Masters after graduation.

CMU has different branches around the world. Students get global experience with this institute. Research programs of this institute are designed in a way to make a student aware of everything happening around the world. Many Institutes offers an accelerated program for Master’s program, CMU also provides one year accelerated masters program for one-year graduation. Research student will be able to get the global experience by visiting Chile, Portugal, and Japan. It adds a great thing to the research program.

Faculty of this Institute is pretty friendly and supportive in all kind of situations. The on-campus residential facility is not available for graduate students. There is some hostel arrangement for Masters students in the silicon valley.


There are many Noble Prize winners in the Alumnus of this Institute. It adds a gold feather in the cap of this University. CMU is undoubtedly a prestigious institute in terms of technology advancement and innovation. You will get full freedom to do new things, and experts are always there to filter some good ideas. Who knows, who is going to the inventor of the next big thing for the world.

You can go through the official website for the application deadline. Website and other details are mentioned at the bottom of the page. The application fee is $75 for both U.S. and international students. The University has 280 faculty staff which is quite good. There is a student-faculty ratio of 4.5:1 for Ph.D. students.

Admission Details

Application Fee (U.S. residents)    $75
Application Fee (international students)   $75
Admissions Phone    (412) 268-2478
Website https://engineering.cmu. edu/

Here are the admission details, contact through the phone or get the details from the official website. I hope you are satisfied with the information provided by us. If you have any queries, kindly do comment below. We typically reply within 2-3 business days. We would like to get back to you as soon as possible.