Georgia Institute of Technology-Georgia Tech University

Georgia Tech University is situated at the north avenue, Atlanta in the Georgia State. The name of the university came from the name of the State. That’s how the title of this tech institute came into existence. This institute was founded in 1885, but admission started in 1888. There was a total of 84 students who got access in the first admission year. It is the first university to give admissions to African-American students in the Deep South. It was established as a trade school, but within 50 years it became a recognized university of technology. It is a trained university that helps a student in their innovative ideas. It makes every student able to use their creative ideas.


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Georgia Institute of Technology- Georgia Tech

It is a technology based university that provides education in various technology-based majors. It has different majors like engineering, computing, sciences, business, designs, etc. Students can select the majors as per their interest. If there is any student who wants to be around the technology, this is the right place for him/her. It provides admission to every gender, that’s how it becomes a tech education hub. A massive number of international students came here to make their dream real. If you an international student looking to take admission in this institute, this will be the best decision of your life. You can live up your dream with this college.

Majors for Engineering Students

There are about 20 majors in the Georgia tech institute of Engineering. Biomedical and Industrial Engineering programs are highly ranked among all the tech universities in the United States. It provides quality education to the students of all majors.

Master’s program provides useful features to the students. Master’s degree can be obtained in dual specialization. It offers a dual degree with its master’s program. Dual programs are not for all the majors but some specific combinations. The dual program in Electrical and Computer Engineering has a feature to send a student to the French Institute( France’s Institut d’Electronique de Microelectronique et de Nanotechnologies), German Institute TU-Munich, or the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. There are many other dual programs having collaboration with a Chinese Institute (Shanghai Jiao Tong University ) and an Italian Institute (Politecnico di Torino).

Campus Resident Facility

Campus life is always amazing in any University and living on campus facility is available for undergraduate students. Research is an essential thing in any major, and it happens with the combined involvement of student and faculty. The best participation and study can be done on the campus. Students of Georgia Tech can do volunteer work in the Atlanta and nearby places. This institute has given notable Alumni’s around the world. It has produced U.S Army officers, writers, actors, director, environmentalist and many more professionals in various fields that exist in the world.

Admission Details

The application fee of this University is $75 for U.S residents and $85 for international students. There is only a $10 difference in the application between U.S residents and other students. Georgia University has undoubtedly, one of the world’s best research faculty. The ratio of the student-faculty is 4.4:1 for research programs. Over 25000 graduate and undergraduate students are studying in this organization all around the world.

Application fee (U.S. residents) $75
Application fee (international students)$85
Admissions phone(404) 894-1610
Admissions email gradstudies@gatech. edu
Website https://www.gatech. edu/

Fee Details

Tuition $10,008 (Georgia Residents) $30,604 (Non-Georgia Residents) Mandatory Student Fees $2,416 (Georgia Residents) $2,416 (Non-Georgia Residents). There will be other expenses like books, housing, meal, etc. The total fee expense will come around $31,080 for Georgia Residents and $51,676 for Non-Georgia and International Students. They also provide special financial aid to Georgia Residents, but there are other scholarship programs for international students too.

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