Johns Hopkins University (Whiting) Baltimore

Johns Hopkins University was founded in the year 1876. It is situated in Baltimore, the biggest city of Maryland. Johns Hopkins was the first person to donate this Institution, and that’s how the name of the University came into existence. Johns Hopkins is well known for his entrepreneurship, benefaction & abolitionist thoughts. His donations helped to build up the infrastructure of this institutes and other essential foundations like hospitals etc. The nature of this University is private, and it is a private research University followed the pattern of German’s ancient Heidelberg University. It has initiated a revolution in the field of higher studies of the United States.

In different surveys and rankings, this institute has always been able to get a place among the top ten Universities of United States. Being a private University there is a different fee structure than public Universities. But it’s tuition fee has never been an issue for any student all around the world. They also provide financial aids to the students as per the criteria’s fixed by the University laws.

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Whiting School of Engineering

Engineering students take admission in the Whiting School of Engineering of this college. It gives all the possible opportunity for Engineering students from undergraduate to research. This Institute is also running business and health college for students around the world with different courses. It offers 12 areas of study with 14 departments. Research is running excessively on this University under various programs, but in the health sector, they are doing excellent and considerable work.

Many students organizations are running by Engineering students. There are somewhere like 15 student organizations in the Engineering College. You can join any of the organization as per the interest. You’ll get full freedom to participate in different activities of the college.

This Univesity has produced notable Alumnus like Mayor of the New York City Michael Bloomberg. He is a successful, businessman, politician & philanthropist who belongs to the Republican party.


The application fee is the same for national and international students. Both domestic and international students have to pay $75 for the application fee. Many universities demand $10 to $50 extra from international students. This case doesn’t imply to this University as both national and international students are treated in the same way. It also shows the equality and bondings among students coming from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Essential information like contact no, email & website of this University is given below. You can go through the official connection no, websites and emails for getting useful information.

Application fee (U.S. residents)- $75
Application fee (international students)- $75
Admissions phone- (410) 516-7125
Admissions email- graduateadmissions@jhu. edu
Website- https://www.jhu. edu

Student body

The female and male ratio percentage is 31.6 & 68.4 respectively. This difference can be seen in most of the Universities of the United States. Despite the gap between males and females everyone is treated equally had enjoys full freedom. There more than two thousand students enrolled in the Engineering program of this University.

Fee Structure

Students from all streams like Arts, Engineering, Science, have the same tuition fee.

Tuition (undergraduate, full-time)- $53,740 per year
School of Arts and Sciences- $53,740
Carey Business School- $59,875
School of Engineering- $53,740
School of Medicine- $53,400
Peabody Institute- $48,645
School of Public Health- $67,680

The average fee of all the Undergraduate students is $55000. If you have this much budget, then start preparation for the necessary exams to get into this college.


Different scholarships programs are running in these institutions as per the needs and merits. If you are meritorious students so tuition fee will not be any difficulty, on the other hand, you can also get part-time jobs to pay your tuition fee. Financial aid would be a bonus for students doing a part-time job to fulfill their expenses. That’s how they also save a few money for future studies.


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