Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Eduction is an important part of every society to become skilful and civilized. We are going to explain about the top engineering colleges in the US. We’ve collected data around the web and compiled a list of top universities. You need to be aware of all the information if looking forward to taking admission in an Engineering college. All colleges have different fee structure, scholarship & placement programs. It is a lengthy procedure that everyone needs to follow before applying to a college. It’s all about to prepare yourself for taking up the level of study to absorb the given knowledge. You can be of any place of the world but need to follow the standard procedure of international students to get into America for Study. Let’s have a look at some of the best Engineering Colleges of the United States.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When you qualify all the necessary exams to get admission into the United States, now it’s time to apply to the universities. Application fees are sometimes different and sometimes the same for the national and international students. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it’s $75, the same for both American and International students. This institute has 376 full-time faculty staff. The engineering department of this university is quite popular around the world. MIT’s popularity can be measured with the percent of students enrolled in the School of Engineering which is about 45 percent of total undergraduates. This department has the maximum students than any other department or faculty. There are a total of 15 faculties which offer one of the best faculty staff. You will be surprised to know that it has 20 research centers on campus.

Students can also win $100k scholarship for their startup is in the entrepreneurship competition for best ideas. It also provides an on-campus facility to the students. Engineering professionals offer opportunities to participate in different research programs. Students can also do an intern in different firms for getting some experience before going to the real world. MIT campus is on the actual location across the Charles River that brings a unique exploration of Boston. Massachusetts Institute of Technology got the first rank among different surveys. This university has got No.1 place among different universities for performance excellence.

Admission Charges & Information

Application fee (U.S. residents) $75

Application fee (international students) $75

Admissions phone (617) 324-6730

Admissions email

Website: http://gradadmissions


There is 376 full-time faculty staff. The ratio of research students is 5.3:1. It has a Total of 2998 full-time student at MIT, for this very year in all the courses. In these students 71% are males, and 29 percent are females. Students from all over the world come to this college.

Total Fee Structure

Tuition (master’s, full-time) $49,580 per year
Tuition (doctoral, full-time) $49,580 per year

If you belong to any other country except the United States and it is your dream to get into the best engineering college, MIT would be the best choice. There are different criteria’s the led any student to opt a college. Excellence is top in this institute, but if you want some budget colleges with top faculty, then there are many. We will explain about other top colleges with one of the best faculty with budget fee structure. You can go to the home page for checking the fee structure of different universities.

If you have any queries regarding any specific university then kindly comment for letting me know. We would love to research the university that will add information to this platform for you as well as others. Your questions and queries would help us in making this platform more user-friendly.