Stanford Leland Junior University

Stanford is one of the prominent and prestigious universities for excellence. It was established long back in 1885 by the senator of California. At that time Leland Stanford was the senator of, and he found this Institution with her wife to promote social welfare & humanity among civilization. There is a story behind the establishment of this Institution. Senator Leland Stanford & Jane Standard had an only son Leland Stanford Jr, who died due to typhoid. That’s how an idea to found a University in the memory of Leland Stanford Jr came into existence.

University of California- Berkeley

As this journey starts it never stopped and still making new records in the field of education. After the death of Mr. Leland, all the responsibility came over Mrs. Jane. She faced many issues, and the biggest was arranging the fund. Herbert Hoover who also took education in this University became the 31st President of the United States, served between 4 March 1929 – 4 March 1933. He played an important in backing the university politically to help in developing infrastructure and education programs.

Admission in Standford University

Everyone needs to follow a uniform procedure, but there are exceptions too. The application to apply in this University is $125 for U.S Residents and its same for international students also. As per the University data around 1700 first-year students takes admission every year and around 9000 students will become graduate by 2021.

Application fee (U.S. residents) $125
Application fee (international students) $125
Admissions phone (866) 732-7472
Admissions email gradadmissions@stanford. edu

Financial Aids

If a student’s family Income is less than $125000, then the tuition fee will be covered by the institute. If any student’s family income is less than $65000 so the institution will cover his tuition, room & board. By the university data over 80% students gets financial help.


If you do not belong to the economically weaker section or below $125000 family income category, so all costs should bear on your own. The tuition fee of the engineering branch is $52000. There is some more expense like room & board which you also need to pay.

International Students

Every international student need to fill a few formalities before applying to any American Univesity. The first thing you need to check your bank balance. You need to ask yourself whether your family can bear all the expense of tuition, and fooding. Though there are family aids situations are entirely different for international students. If you are economically weak and have excellent academic skills, it doesn’t mean there is no chance but less chance.

After qualifying English language test along with the required university admission, you will apply for the F1 student’s visa. For a permit, you will produce all the certificates along with bank statements of six months. They will surely be going to check whether you or your family can bear the initial expense for a couple of years. After reaching there, students can work parttime to pay their tuitions fees. Always keep in mind neither money nor a degree but quality education matters. Be positive and stay motivated but kindly check yourself all the criteria’s and do your research.

Step by Step Procedure Conclusion

  • First, check your financial status whether eligible or not from an economic point of view.
  • The second step is to qualify for the English proficiency test.
  • The third step is to qualify for the University entrance exam.
  • The fourth step is to apply for the universities as per the scores of University admission exams. You have to pay them few charges for the verification of documents.
  • After verification University will mail your admission letter.
  • Now apply for the F1 visa where all the requirements will be checked.

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