University of California- Berkeley

The University of California situated in the Berkeley city of California. This University founded in 1868 from a state constitution. The engineering department which is known as College of Engineering has established new records in the field of excellence. The application fee is a little bit different for native and International students. U.S students have to pay $105 while International Students have to pay $125. This University is in the list of top ten colleges of the United States. Its Engineering department is very prestigious among all other departments. You need to prepare yourself very well to get admission in this college and keep important things in mind. The Engineering college of this University has 256 full-time staff. This is a heaven for engineering students.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

If you are someone looking to get admission in this college follow the full procedure. It includes pre and past process to apply for the F1 study visa. In the pre-process you have to get all the details of required exams that need to qualify before applying for the Visa. Let’s discuss some of the points that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that each student outside American or we can also say an international student should keep in mind to qualify the language test. After qualifying of the language test, there is a university entrance test which needs to qualify. There are different score criteria’s for every university. You can apply to the various universities best suited as per the scores. While applying to, be prepared for the charges. There will be some charges that every candidate should pay.

College of Engineering

Engineering Master’s students can get an advantage of completing their master’s in one year with accelerated Berkeley Engineering Professional Master’s Program. It usually takes two years in doing in the regular Masters in Engineering. The College of Engineering has different branches that a student can opt as per their interest. Every student has the full freedom to choose any office. Engineering college has 40 research centers, and it’s quite surprising.

Campus hostel facility is available; students can apply to the hostels. On campus live in facility gives a unique experience to meet the students around the world and know about the culture. In my view, its a must do thing get to share learning and knowledge. It helps in making the bond strong.

Students living on campus and nearby can explore San Francisco and the beaches around. The distance between the University of California, Berkley is about 11 miles which make approximately 18 kilometers. This institution has got some pretty locations around.

Admission Details

Application Fee (U.S. residents)      $105
Application Fee (international students)     $125
Admissions Phone       (510) 643-7462
Admissions Email
Application Website    https://grad.berkeley. edu

Here are all the contact details to connect for the admission. All the essential things are available in one place. We’ve made this effort to provide all the collective data at one place. You can reach out to the university on one go.

The faculty ratio for the Ph.D. faculty & students is 5.3:1. It’s quite impressive for, and there are more than 2000 students enrolled in different courses. There is a significant difference between the percentage of males and females. 68.9% of students are male in this Institution while females are only 31.1%.

Fee Structure:-

Tuition (master’s, full-time) $11,502 per year (in-state)
$26,604 per year (out-of-state)

Doctoral fees are the same as per the Master’s Fees. In state is the native of this state where the university is situated means California. Students who do not live in California will be treated as an out of state student. Out of state condition also applies to the international students as per my research. You can do your research and help me out if you find anything different to improve this article. It will help many peoples around the world to get the right information.