University of California-San Diego / Jacobs School of Engineering

The University of California, San Diego was found in the year of 1960. Since it’s the establishment, UC San Diego has attained very much in the field of excellence. Its campus comes under the top campus of the California & United States. The campus is spread over 1200 acres along the Pacific ocean on the city granted property. It comes under La Jolla smart seaside area. The engineering college of this University is highly appreciated all around the world. It would be a perfect destination for all the Engineering aspirants who want to learn new technologies and skills. All aspirants can get one of the best research environment at this University.

University of California-San Diego

Albert P. Pisano is the dean of Irwin and Joan Jacobs school of engineering. It has 248 full-time academic staff as per the recent data, and there are 5857 undergraduate students and 2951 Postgraduates students at this University. It provides an option of six academic majors to Undergraduate students. But the bioengineering program is highly ranked among all other colleges running this program. The school also offers a Master in Science and Engineering. Students can also enroll in the research programs of engineering. It also provides a research facility for medical students. Medical students can do their M.D/M.S as well as Ph.D. with UCSD School of Medicine.

Institute of Biomedical Engineering is affiliated with different research centers like the Center for Wireless Communication and the Center for Energy Research. San Diego Supercomputer Center is associated with these research centers. All the technologies that are in the early stage get funds from the Von Liebig Center funds to promote entrepreneurship. It also offers different courses for undergraduates and entrepreneurship seekers.

There is a particular facility for paid internships to the students. College is associated with different industry partners that help students to get a new experience of the industry along with a paid internship. Likewise every College, San Diego has also got some organizations for Entrepreneur and Women.

Application Fee

The application fee is almost the same just like any other US Universities & Colleges. The application fee for the U.S students in $105 but international students has to pay $20 extra. The application for international students reaches up to $125.

Application fee (U.S. residents) $105
Application fee (international students)$125
Admissions phone (858) 534-3554
Admissions email
Website http://jacobsschool.ucsd. edu/

Academic Staff & Students

Full-time Staff– 248
Total no of Undergraduates– 5857
Total no of Postgraduates– 2951

76% of the total students are male whereas 24% are females. Almost all the Universities all around the United States have this kind of ratio between males and females.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee is $11,502 per year (in-state),$26,604 per year (out-of-state), Tuition (doctoral, full-time) is $11,502 per year (in-state) & $26,604 per year (out-of-state). It means that in-state students are the one who resides in California and out of state means the one who resides any other state except California. The out of state condition also implies on international students. There are some financial aids for the students who reside in Calfornia and out of California. International students can also get the benefits of financial aids. There are different terms and conditions for every category which you can better check on the official website.


The campus has all the facilities that a student expects. The engineering college occupies good space on the campus, and all the academic majors like Bioengineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NanoEngineering, Structural Engineering have enough space for study and research. There are well-equipped labs for every major. Students can take all the benefits from it.

It is a top University for Engineering Students around the world. Many students from different parts of the world come to this college to make their dream come true. It has been ranked in the top universities for Engineering in the United States. It will give an opportunity to study in an excellent environment to stand out from others.