University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

This Univesity founded before Michigan became a state. It established in 1817 in, and after twenty years of the established of the University of Michigan, this territory became a free state. This University has three different campuses in the Ann born, Dearborn, & Flint for various programs. The University of Michigan has got a fantastic infrastructure for engineering students. The College of Engineering has reached new heights of success with its performance.

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Anyone looking forward to getting admission in this college must be aware of the deadlines of application. No applications shall be allowed after the period is over. Make sure to apply to this University within the given deadline to avoid any further issue. The application fee for the American students is $75, but international students have to pay $90. It’s not much only a $15 difference for international students; this would not be a burden for anyone.

Michigan College of Engineering

The College of Engineering has trained and perfect staff with good numbers. The student-faculty ration of P.hd. Students were around 4.4:1. These stats are quite impressive and motivational for anyone looking to get into this college for education purpose. The Engineering College offers different streams that any ever dream off. It offers Aerospace / Aeronautical / Astronautical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical / Electronic / Communications Engineering.

If we talk about the College of Engineering, so this college has staff with enough numbers, there is around 389 full faculty staff. Due to the availability of staff students gets quality education to change the world. Engineering College of Michigan University situated in the Ann Arbor city of Michigan.

The College of Engineering runs different programs to shares cultural activities. Events play an essential role to make bonds among students. Every course has various activities in which students can participate. Just Ask program is doing well for the assistance of students. All student of this University can get the help of this program. The full form of Ask program is Alumni Sharing knowledge. Students of this University can take support from the Alumni students. In this program, Alumni plays a volunteer role to assist students through social media, email, phone/mobile no.

Events & Activities

There is a great facility for students who love to play different kinds of sports. The campus has full of sports accessories for different kinds of sports. Let’s check out what kind of facility is available for which kind of sport. Michigan Stadium is the largest among all football stadiums in the United States with the audience capacity of 107,601. There are many other games like Ice Hockey, Men’s Basketball etc. You can enroll in the sports activities for all the adventure, skills & great experience. The sports team of Michigan is called Wolverine. It sounds like a character of an X-men movies series. The football team has won the maximum no of title in the Universities championship.

On campus, a residential facility is available for Graduate students. Students, faculty staff, families can take advantage of living in a campus facility. Apartment with different size and features are available. Though there will be separate charges for luxury apartments, if you are a student and want to make to live in budget expense, then go for sharing. Sharing will help you to save some money that can help to cover up other expenses. The campus has all the facility for shopping, restaurants, nightlife and many more.

Admission Details

Application fee (U.S. residents)     $75
Application fee (international students)     $90
Admissions Phone     (734) 647-6851
Admissions Email     coe-studentaffairs@umich. edu
Website   https://www.engin.umich. edu

These are the details for admission. Students can contact the University for any specific information. If want anything from our end then comment below to let us know. We will get back to you with a proper solution. We appreciate your comments and waiting to assit everyone in an every possible way.